HMCs Designed For Robust Processes

Consisting of four models, Heller Machines’ H series HMCs are include the H 1000 and H 3000, which are designed for medium-volume production of a range of parts, and the H 2000 and H 4000, which are designed for users that require a powerful machine for series production of varying volumes. The H 1000 offers travels of 630 mm in all three axes, while the larger H 3000 provides as much as 800 mm in the X and Z axes. The H 2000 and H 4000 models are equipped with more powerful drives and have travel paths of 630 mm or 800 mm in all three axes.


Both of the latter machines feature a modular structure, allowing configuration according to user requirements. Apart from individual machine configuration, two optional packages are available. The Speed Pack is tailored to customers operating in non-ferrous machining, which requires fast, high-accuracy work. The Power Pack is customized for heavy cutting of cast iron and steel.

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