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Hobbing Center Available with Worm Screw Power Skiving

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Gear Expo 2017: Affolter Technologies will show its AF110 Plus small gear hobbing center.


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Affolter Technologies will show its AF110 Plus small gear hobbing center. Designed for versatility, precision, power, rigidity and ease of use, it has eight axes with a maximum diametric pitch of 17, a minimum diametric pitch of 1,270 and a spindle speed as high as 12,000 rpm. Deburring, dry cutting, centering microscopes and oil mist aspiration are available, as well as automation systems for loading and unloading, including universal grippers, drum loaders and robot loading. The AF71 loader system with two grippers can grab a part to load while another gear is being hobbed to ensure 24-hour automatic production. The hobbing center can cut spur, helical, frontal, bevel and crown gears and is equipped with the company’s Leste CNC, which is designed for handling up to 12 axes.

The company’s worm screw power skiving (WSPS) technology is also available. This technology inverts the worm hobbing process so that the workpiece turns faster than the cutter. It is designed for small worms with modules as high as 17 diametric pitch. The company says it is four times faster than traditional worm hobbing.

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