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Modular Clamping Jaw Increases Efficiency, Productivity

Originally titled 'Modular Clamping Jaw Increases Efficiency, Productivity'
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Hoffmann Group’s Garant Xpent five-axis vise facilitates clamping strategies for increased productivity.

The Hoffmann Group introduced a module for its Garant Xpent five-axis vise. This center jaw, which can be fitted to the base rail, enables the clamping of two workpieces with one vise and processing in a single operation. Users can implement efficient clamping strategies and increase productivity.

The vise is based on a modular design concept. Clamping modules, base rails and spindles are individually combined and the convex clamping modules turn 180 degrees. The product is now available as an accessory for sizes 0 to 1S and will soon be available in sizes 1 and 2. The existing range of attachment rails is fully compatible with this product.

The vise has clamping forces as high as 40 kN with a torque of 90 Nm. It is available in three different heights and two widths. Base rails are available in lengths from 360 to 1050 mm. The 1S size was developed for three- and five-axis machines with small spindle gear boxes.


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