Honing Tools For High Production

This new generation of High-Production Helix (HPH) single stroke honing tools is designed to offer fast stock removal and consistent bore geometry.


The plated diamond tools are manufactured with high-strength steel as opposed to cast iron, which is typically the case. The tools incorporate an expandable, abrasive sleeve mounted on a tapered mandrel for precision bore sizing and finishing. One common use for the tools is for accurately sizing bores to the final size, according to the company. Tools go through the bore once, removing a predetermined amount of stock, progressively enlarging the bore. After the final pass, the bore is to size, straight and round, with the desired surface texture. They can be used with water- or oil-based coolants.


While appropriate for use on bore diameters ranging from 0.244" to 0.984" (6.325 mm to 25.057 mm), the tools can also be used on the company’s VSS single stroke honing system, as well as machines from other manufacturers. Other sizes are available as special orders, says the company.



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