Horizontal Band Saw for Increased Precision

Behringer Saws will be showcasing the HBE Dynamic series horizontal band saw.

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Behringer Saws will be showcasing the HBE Dynamic series horizontal band saw. The compact, automatic saw is designed to improve performance and precision while improving user convenience and safety. The saw is applicable in a range of environments including production cutting steel service centers and metalworking job shops.

The saw is available in four models, the 261A, 321A, 411A and 511A. The series offers a cutting range of 10.2" to 20" in diameter for round stock, and 11.8" × 10.2" to 20" × 20" for flat stock. Stroke length is 25.6" and blade speed ranges from 50 to 350 fpm.

The band saw features a servo-driven precision downfeed control that automatically adjusts blade pressure to create a balance of feed rate and pressure for improved quality and cutting rates, while also extending blade life. An electrically powered ballscrew-driven material feed gripper reduces backlash and promotes precise material positioning for improved accuracy. The series can be equipped with an optional feed control that automatically adjusts cutting parameters such as blade speed and downfeed rate to the material grade and shape. 

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