Horizontal CBN Grinding Center

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Max-Tek, LLC offers the HGC 400 with three, four and five-axis capabilities for applications within the aerospace and power generation industries. 


Constructed on a Meehanite cast iron base, the machine uses precision linear ways and Heidenhain scales for the X, Y and Z axes. Travel in the X/Y/Z axis is 584 mm to 600 mm. The available five-axis rotary trunnion features a high-precision roller gear table with zero backlash mounting a 400 mm × 400mm pallet, says the company. The machine is capable of speeds ranging from 35 to 50 hp, and it is equipped with a HSK-100; a 12,000-rpm direct drive spindle with chiller; and a GE Fanuc 16 IM CNC control system, drives and servo motors. Also standard is a 40-position ATC, with a 60-position model available to accommodate CBN and conventional vitrified grinding wheels and milling/drilling tools for additional operations.




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