Horizontal Hobbing Machine

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According to the company, the P 90, is horizontal hobbing machine with a similar design as the company’s P 60, but with twice the cutter drive output and 20 percent more capacity. The hobber is said to employ the use of high-speed direct drive spindles for the hob head and work spindle and a capacity for gears as large as 100 mm in diameter. This new machine combines high cutting speeds with a fast, fully integrated gantry loader system, with buffer storage, adaptable to different part types.

In addition, it has been designed for dry hobbing, but can accommodate a full range of cutting conditions cutting wet or dry, with carbide and high speed steel hobs. The company says the machine can also be used for worm milling, can be arranged for grinding special profiles and is deburring capable. The machine has been designed to save on floor space taking up 3.5 square meters.

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