HSS Furnace

A new line of high-temperature box furnaces—the HS series—is available from Lucifer Furnaces, Inc. Useful for processing high speed tool steels, the furnaces are designed for 2450 F operations. They feature silicon carbide heating elements that are controlled off the line with an SCR power supply. According to the company, the SCR compensates for changes in element resistance and proportions the lowest power input, in turn providing a steady state control. This control package can simplify furnace operation by eliminating the manual adjustment of tap switches.


The furnace chamber is lined with grades of ceramic fiber, a lightweight material that is said to provide quick heat and recovery rates (heat to 2,200° F in 55 minutes). The fiber insulation reduces the power demand to heat the chamber by 70 percent, lowering the overall kW requirements.


According to the company, the series is especially useful for applications between 1,500° F to 2,450° F. Standard features include digital temperature controller; platinum/rhodium thermocouple; double-pivot horizontal swing door; and silicon carbide hearth plate.


Available in single- and dual-chamber models in ten standard sizes ranging from   6" × 6" × 12" to 12" × 18" × 24".



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