Hurco's VM One Is a Reboot of Familiar VMC

IMTS Spark: Hurco has updated its familiar VM1 with the revitalized VM One model for small shops and startups.


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Hurco VM One

Hurco has released the VM One, a reboot of its compact VM1 model. The updated machine features a height of less than 7 feet. According to the company, the VM One mill is sized, priced and packaged for small shops and startups. 

The machine features a compact footprint, a one-piece base, a solid cast iron frame, and the flexible Hurco CNC control with more memory and lookahead than competitive models, the company says. With travels measuring 26″ × 16″ × 14″, the compact CNC machine is designed for improved capacity, productivity and user flexibility.

The most important feature of the VM One is the Hurco control, which is powered by WinMax — the same control used on all Hurco CNC machines. Designed with an intuitive user interface, Hurco’s control provides flexibility for high-mix manufacturing because it supports both conversational programming and NC. 

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