Hybrid Press Brake

The Toyokoki HYB hybrid series of press brakes was developed by combining favorable aspects of a conventional hydraulic brake with AC servo brakes. While the HYB uses hydraulic pressure to move the ram, the oil is delivered by an AC servo motor pump which does not rely on valve operation for precision control, nor is it subject to variations in oil temperature and pressure.

The HYB Series is so precise that it achieves repeatability of 5 microns, the company says. Lower bed crowning on the HYB is controlled by a double wedge system that is adjustable across the entire bed. The control automatically sets the amount of crown, but when fine-tuning is necessary, the crown can automatically be adjusted to correct the bed to match angles.

The machine also controls ram speed and positioning with 1 micron resolution scales that read ram position 1,000 times per second. Feedback is sent to the ram AC servo motors to ensure that the ram velocity is constant and no over-travel can occur. A broad range of HYB Series machine sizes is available.