Hydraulic Holders Reduce Downtime, Provide Accuracy

IMTS 2018: NT Tool offers the PHC-SA-C slim-bodied, hydraulic holder with jet-through coolant.

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NT Tool offers the PHC-SA-C slim-bodied, hydraulic holder with jet-through coolant. Small notches along the sides of the holder bore enable streams of coolant to escape on each side of the cutting tool, while sealing it elsewhere.

The holder’s slim body design provides access to narrow workpieces, usually only accessible by shrink fit holders. Unlike shrink-fit holders, hydraulic holders can be chucked quickly with a hex wrench. This reduces downtime, eliminates the need for heat-shrink equipment and mitigates the risk of burns associated with shrink-fit toolholding.

The holder offers consistent 3-µm accuracy, according to the company. The dual clamping-point system provides stability and precision. The oil chamber around the chucking sleeve absorbs cutting vibrations, promoting smooth finishes on work surfaces, as well as more consistent cuts. An electromagnetic, rust-proof coating contributes to accuracy.

The hydraulic holder is available in HSK, CAT, BT and UTS shank styles. It is offered in both inch sizes (1/8" to 1" in diameter) and metric sizes (3 to 25 mm). Custom sizes can be accommodated as well.

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NT Tool Corporation

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