Hydraulic Presses for Automotive Applications

IMTS 2018: Greenerd Press & Machine Company Inc.’s Transfer series of hydraulic presses has three stations that draw, re-draw and punch the component.


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Greenerd Press & Machine Company Inc. will discuss its hydraulic press application solutions, including a Transfer Line for an automotive company that has three stations which draw, re-draw and punch the component. The draw presses feature a 250-ton capacity, while the punch presses have a 150-ton capacity. Speeds on the line exceed 2,000 ipm, providing the high-volume production necessary for the automotive industry. Greenerd’s line of hydraulic presses are available in a variety of styles, ranging from gap frame and straight-side to die-spotting and forging presses, with large size and tonnage capabilities. The presses are designed to offer flexibility, productivity and reliability.