Hydraulic Pumps Use Direct Drive Technology For Industrial Use

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The Omax V Pump (V stands for “variable” speed) represents the second generation of pumps designed for tough industrial use. Operating at full power with a noise level of less than 75 dbA at 3', the direct-drive plunger pump never experience hydraulic pump whine or hydraulic system power losses, the company says. Because the pump operates at efficiencies of 95 percent or higher, this enables it to deliver 86 percent of input electric power to the nozzle, providing more cutting power per kilowatt than pumps using the intensifier technology, the company adds. With three plungers on a crankshaft running at 600 rpm, the plunger pump delivers 30 discharges per second. The high plunger speed allows for a smooth pressure output, eliminating surface defects on the cut surface, the company says. No additional accumulator vessel is required. All pumps are based on a single-design platform, making each model economical, reliable and easy to maintain. The pumps are driven by variable-speed electric motors for variable output pressure. Pump packages include a charge pump, a pressure safety blow down valve, a variable frequency drive and a 110 VAC auxiliary power supply.

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