Hydraulic Vises For High-Volume Production

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With Bock Workholding Inc.’s line of Hydraulic Twin vises, users can shorten loading time and reduce operator fatigue in high-production, short-cycle environments. Available in 4" and 6" models, the vises feature a compact design.


Capable of producing clamping pressure of 4,000 lbs with a hydraulic line pressure of 7,200 psi, the systems are single-acting with a spring return mechanism that is designed to simplify connection requirements while increasing reliability. Each vise can accommodate two parts, and the jaws have a clamping travel of 1/4" total, 1/8" per clamping station.


Activation can be accomplished manually or via the machine’s program. All hydraulic elements are located inside the clamping mechanism, which can be exchanged in minutes. According to the company, this can virtually eliminate downtime in the event that an emergency arises.


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