Image-Archiving Digital Readout System

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The Quadra-Chek 300 (QC300) advanced digital readout (DRO) system with image archiving allows users to store measured part features, including test data and descriptive text, as JPG images for documenting, testing and quality-inspection purposes. It provides users with a tool to document manufacturing performance against dimensional and other standards and will show failed or marginal test results. These capabilities are available through a large touchscreen and an interface for capturing images, adding custom text and graphics and managing image files.   The system uses custom technology to combine multiple video-measuring functions in a single, compact display unit. The unit includes video display, cross-line generator and automated edge detection for improved accuracy, increased measuring speed and reliability, the company says. In addition to image archiving capability, the system features a high-resolution LCD monitor for full-color display of parts, 2D measurements and controls, plus an integrated direct camera input that provides live-feed video display. Parts and video measuring routines are displayed in one line of sight, on one screen. Automated video edge detection is also offered. The DRO also has programming features such as alphanumeric program naming, user messages and stage directions to the operator.   Four video tools are offered with the integrated video edge detection option: straight cross line, which allows the operator to select an edge position; offset cross line, for locating difficult edges; single edge, which automatically finds a point along an edge within a circular target; and multi-edge, in which an arrow targets direct stage positioning for multiple points along an edge.