Improved Accuracy At High Draw Tube Forces

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MicroCentric’s line of high precision power chucks feature a dual actuator design to provide increased clamping force and higher rpm capability. According to the company, the design achieves greater rigidity, resulting in improved accuracy at high draw tube forces. The internal clamping load is distributed over twice the surface area compared to the original precision power chuck design thus increasing chuck life.

The chuck’s QC precision jaw locating system is standard on all PPC-D models. The QC system maintains 0.0002" (0.005 mm) maximum workpiece runout after jaw change without remachining top jaws. The collet chucks feature a vulcanized design for reduced chuck length providing greater rigidity and higher clamping force with standard accuracy within 0.0004" (0.010 mm) TIR. Dead length, pullback, low profile subspindle and self-contained front actuated models are available.


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