Improved CAM Software Emphasizes Ease Of Use

EdgeCAM 12.5 software offers updated capabilities, including automation, mill-turn programming and integration with solid CAD systems. The software's Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) is engineered for rapid model alignment and feature-finding across multiple faces in both milling and turning. The capabilities of the software's strategy manager include programming for complex mill-turn applications. An updated feature browser gives users control over the order of machining operations. The manufacturing sequence can be sorted by feature type or manufacturing method and then modified using drag-and-drop techniques. According to the company, a rough turning cycle includes improved chip control and reduced notching and tool wear. In addition, chuck jaw and chuck setup functions are designed to allow more flexible machine tool setup while improving collision detection capability, the company says.

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Software Prevents Unnecessary CAM Regeneration

Vero Software has released Edgecam 2018 R1, which includes updates that  are designed to prevent unnecessary CAM regeneration and save time on roughing cycles for milling, turning and MTM.