Increasing Performance While Minimizing Vibration

The NV4000 machining center has been designed to give users the ability to contour more accurately, accelerate among positions 54 percent faster and experience significantly less residual vibration than before. The net driving force acts through the center of the axis. The NV4000 contains five ballscrews--two on the x-axis, two on the z-axis, and one on the y-axis--that enable a significant reduction in vibration without sacrificing speed for accuracy. The manufacturer states that unlike machines using dual ballscrews in all three axes, which can reduce the overall dynamic response of the machine, the N machines only incorporate twin ballscrews when it provides benefit. The NV4000 has been designed with a stable platform that increases rigidity on all axes. The machine's design allows machining forces to traverse across the arch-shaped column and through the bed, thereby forming a closed loop. This design, unlike a conventional bridge-type vertical machining center having the x-axis and z-axis on the bridge, is said to result in an rigid platform. The NV4000’s ATC features a toolchanging-time of 2.8 seconds chip-to-chip, 1.0 seconds tool-to-tool, and quickly serves the 23.6” x 15.7” x 15.7” work envelope. The machine’s 40-taper spindle is 12,000 rpm (20,000 rpm optional) and 25 hp (10-min. rating) capable. A center-trough design efficiently evacuates chips, even when cutting dry, for the best possible chip removal capability in a vertical machining center.

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