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Walter’s D3120 indexable Insert Drill Designed for Trouble-Free Drilling

Originally titled 'indexable Insert Drill Designed for Trouble-Free Drilling '
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Friction resistance and optimum process reliability are highlights of the Walter D3120 drill.


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Walter’s D3120 indexable insert drill is designed to provide trouble-free drilling in virtually any condition. It features square positive indexable inserts with four cutting edges. Available in five diameter sizes ranging from 0.63" to 1.654" (16 mm to 42 mm) and with 2x, 3x, 4x Dc, the drill is said to enable process reliability with simple chip removal, two coolant channels and polished flutes. Protection against friction is provided by the hardened and polished surfaces. 

The drill features one indexable insert shape for both outer and inner seat, and a measuring collar for diameter identification. The drill is especially useful for ISO material groups P (steels), M (stainless steels), K (cast irons), N (nonferrous) and S (super alloys). Torx Plus screws give it secure indexable insert clamping and high stability in all working conditions, according to the company. The drill also features long tool life because of the company’s Tiger-tec Silver grades.


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