Indexers Useful For Prototyping

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Troyke single- and dual-axis collet indexers offer pneumatic collet closers, single or multiple (as many as four spindles) and speeds as high as 50 rpm. They operate with standard servomotors and are available with a stand-alone programmable controller, actuated by “M” functions, or as the fourth or fifth axis of the machine control.


Ground and hardened for accuracy, the spindle nose features large bearing surfaces to support heavy cutting forces. Ball and roller bearings are included, and spindle positioning is accomplished through a bronze worm wheel and hardened, ground worm shaft.


The 3C collet indexer features a 3C collet with 36:1 gear ration, 1/2" collet capacity and a tapered  spindle nose, which, the company says, is crucial when working on small parts. It allows a small part to be extended well into the cutting area to prevent interference with the tooling or spindle nose.


Also offered are the 5C and 16C indexers.


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