Ink Jet Printheads Operate At High Temperatures

Air-cooled ink jet printheads for V80 3000 series marking systems are capable of operating in environments where substrates reach temperatures of 350° at line speeds as fast as 400 ft/min. Available from Matthews Marking Products, the printheads can be used to produce as many as four lines of small- or large-character bar codes, graphics, logos or other permanent marks. The printheads can mark steel and various other materials and are available with black or colored ink. A jet of cold air inside the printhead continuously cools the faceplate and internals. An alarm system triggers if ambient temperatures are too high, if the cooling system fails or if the air supply is interrupted. The printheads use the company's custom Drop-on-Demand valve ink jet technology, which is designed for applications involving vibration, dust and other contaminants. In addition, the printheads require no make-up solvent to operate and can run from a 5-gallon ink container.

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