Inovatools' Curvemax Curve-Segment Mill Improves Finishing of Medical Implants

The Curvemax curve-segment mill from Inovatools features geometries that permit larger path distances and line jumps during pre-finishing and finishing.


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Inovatools Curvemax

The Curvemax curve-segment mill from Inovatools features geometries that permit larger path distances and line jumps during pre-finishing and finishing. The tool is described as ideal for medical device and implants, which require reliable machining of undercuts, freeform surfaces and variable setting angles.

Although its working radius is larger than that of a traditional full-radius mill, the tool has the same diameter. This significantly reduces processing times, the company claims. Larger engagement width ensures the cutting edge does not suffer from wear at any single point. Combined with the smooth Varocon coating, this wear resistance helps to increase the tool’s service life. Additionally, the larger and flatter overlap reduces roughness, providing improved surface finishes compared to traditional full-radius mills, according to Inovatools.


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