Inovatools' DeepMax Provides Smooth Chip Removal

EMO 2019: The performance of Inovatools’ DeepMax deep-hole drill is said to come from its geometry, which has been adapted for special drilling processes and optimal chip removal.


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The performance of Inovatools’ DeepMax deep-hole drill is said to come from its geometry, which has been adapted for optimal chip removal. The front geometry’s 135-degree point angle is necessary for optimal centering of the drill, according to the company. In addition, the company’s polishing process creates smoother chip grooves.

The DeepMax’s Varocon coating is designed to aid in faster chip flow and tool longevity, too. Additionally, a newly developed edge preparation process optimizes cutting edges, keeping cutting forces low.

Inovatools is offering the DeepMax tool in sizes of 15×D, 20×D, 25×D and 30×D.

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