Insert Clamping For Milling Cutters(2)

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Valenite’s ValMill VForce milling cutter system features a “Side Lock” direct-insert clamping design and a tool configuration that is suited for high-density (larger number of inserts for any given cutter diameter), yet compact insert mounting. This presents more cutting teeth per revolution and enables feed rates and material removal rates of as much as three times the speeds of tools with traditional locking systems, the company says. By incorporating three of the company’s carbide grades and a ceramic insert along with expanded top form geometries, the machining applications for the cutter family includes a range of workpiece materials and cast iron.   The side-lock-style mechanism design uses a single screw with no extraneous parts required, provides quick release of the insert to minimize indexing/changeout times, is easier to use than screw-down-type or wedge systems and permits the use of a stronger, solid insert design, the company says. Most inserts designated for use with the cutting system feature a hexagonal shape, providing as many as 12 distinct cutting edges. The insert retaining design establishes high anti-fling resistance to centrifugal forces when used in high speed applications.   The insert cavity and locking screw mounting hole are precision aligned and angled relative to each other—designed to apply forces in two directions as the screw is tightened. The insert is both pushed against the pocket side walls and pulled down to the pocket bottom. The resulting wedge-like condition not only retains the insert but, by applying constant lateral resistance on the threads, also prevents the lock screw from loosening and creating a hazardous condition to the workpiece.   Sizes for the face milling cutters range from 3" through 10" diameters.