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MTC-PC inserts, featuring a double V design for stability, are designed with full nose radius geometry for plunge and contour operations. With a cutting edge geometry exceeding 180 degrees, the inserts offer not only effective cutting but also versatility and chip control, according to the company. The inserts are double ended for extended insert life. These inserts are available in three grades: M40 (-36), M45 (-33) and M93 (-34). This insert is one component of the integrated MTC toolholder and insert system recently unveiled by the company. The system encompasses integral shank toolholders and specially designed inserts, said to be calculated to provide improved chip control and management.

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GH-18-1 Tapping Arm is Efficient Way to Tap Holes

FlexArm Inc’s FlexArm GH-18-1 tapping arm allows machining centers to do milling, drilling and boring, as when operators load a machining center and start its cycle, they can use that cycle time to tap previously machined parts with the GH-18-1.