Inserts' CBN Brazing Treatment Enables Deeper Cuts

Tungaloy introduces WavyJoint cubic boron nitride (CBN) inserts with a CBN brazing technology for higher productivity in hard-turning operations.

Tungaloy introduces WavyJoint cubic boron nitride (CBN) inserts benefiting from CBN brazing technology for higher productivity in hard turning operations.The inserts can improve machining efficiency, enabling hard turning in a single pass at a large depth of cut and high feed rate, the company says.

The brazing method applied to the inserts is said to enable depths of cut as much as 1.6 times deeper than conventional CBN inserts. Because the inserts are capable of depths ranging to 0.8 mm, they require fewer turning passes, increasing efficiency.

The inserts’ tips have a larger CBN mass, which enhances thermal stability during deep or dry cutting. The inserts carry a reduced risk of debrazing, enabling dry and interrupted cutting at a deep depth of cut. The inserts also reduce premature insert failure caused by thermal fatigue, which is often seen in wet cutting.

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