Inserts For Thin-Walled Parts And More

Iscar Metals, Inc. has added the Pentacut insert with Z-type chipformer to its lineup of turning tools. Because the chipformer is said to create a high positive rake angle, it can be particularly useful for parting tubes and thin-walled parts, such as needles or tubing, in addition to small-diameter components. The chipformer is also suitable for machining soft materials and bearing steel at low to medium feeds of 0.0016 ipr to 0.0039 ipr.


Parts constructed of cobalt-chrome and titanium, such as bone screws used to secure hip, knee and other implants in place, represent other applications for which the insert is suited. The product plays a crucial role in creating the actual implants as well. Specifically, implants are manufactured with an attached cylinder, which protrudes out and is used to hold onto while the part is being machined. After the implant is machined, the insert parts off the cylinder.


Five cutting edges are included on each insert, with which users can perform grooving, parting, recessing and chamfering operations. Tangentially mounted on the side of the holder, the insert is positioned against two peripheral contact surfaces to promote accuracy of center height. It is then clamped into place by a side Torx screw, which can be activated from either side of the holder. Insert indexing (rotation) is thereby enabled, without necessitating removal of the holder from the machine turret. In addition, the company says the short head of the holder offers minimal overhang and stability.


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