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Inserts in Expanded Line Promote Long Tool Life

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Walter has announced several extensions to its Tiger-tec Gold inserts.


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Walter USA has announced several extensions to its Tiger-tec Gold inserts. The WKP35G milling grade is manufactured using the ultra low-pressure CVD method (ULP-CVD), available in both positive and negative inserts. Sintered inserts for the Walter Blaxx shoulder milling cutters provide four 90-degree cutting edges. M4000 extensions include a square shape, wavy design of the clearance face and small corner radii. Sintered inserts for the F4045 cutter provide 14 cutting edges and variant corner radius, while a wiper insert for the cutter is also available. Inserts for the M3024 provide 14 cutting edges, positive geometry, and a secondary cutting edge or corner radius. Two wiper inserts for the M2136 shoulder mill are also among the extensions to the line.

Like previous Tiger-tec Gold inserts, the extensions to the line employ a carbide substrate covered by a resistant TiAIN layer with a high aluminum content, topped by a TiN top layer that helps protect the substrate against abrasion, hairline cracks, plastic deformation and oxidation. This gold-colored top layer enables wear detection and improves friction characteristics. Additionally, a thin TiN layer is located between the carbide substrate and the TiAIN layer, ensuring strong binding of the layers.


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