Inspection Software Features Multi-Axis Option

Delcam offers the PowerInspect, a hardware-independent software system for the comparison of components or tooling against 3D CAD data. The company has added a multi-axis option to the On-Machine Verification (OMV) version of its inspection software. With this option, companies with four-, five- or six-axis equipment will be able to undertake comprehensive verification of their parts of their machine tools, both during and after machining.


The main advantage of the updated version is the ability to check any undercuts without repositioning the workpiece. It will also be possible to check inside features, such as holes at different angles, that are not accessible from the Z direction. In addition, shorter styli will be able to be used when checking deeper pockets or walls, by lowering the head of the machine tool toward the job and inclining the stylus toward the surface to be removed.


The OMV version of the software offers virtually all the advantages associated with the software for use on dedicated inspection equipment, the company says. It compares tooling and sample components against CAD data and produces comprehensive reports. The system allows offline programming of the inspection sequence for the machine tool with fully integrated simulation, minimizing the time taken on the machine for verification.


According to the company, most modern machine tools either come with, or can be retrofitted with, probing capabilities. The OMV version of the software enables this same equipment to be used for verification. The ability to program complete verification sequences offline means that there can be minimal interruption to the machining operations.

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