Inspection Utility

TooLOK is a utility designed to increase portable CMM throughput by automating the inspection of tools, fixtures and parts.

Featuring “touch three and you’ll see” operation, you contact three pre-qualified points on a part, tool or fixture with the portable CMM probe and TooLOK launches, instantly recognizing and aligning the part, loading the CAD file and inspection routine and telling the operator where to begin measuring.

The TooLOK wizard allows users to generate a LOK for a fixture, gage, part or tool. The LOK then serves as the reference between the part and its associated files. Once it is established, an inspection routine can be created, allowing other users to follow that routine. This tool is said to eliminate confusion created by having to search through hundreds of files and routines for an inspection task.

It is an advanced add-on utility for PowerINSPECT 3.05 and is compatible with previously programmed inspection routines.


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