Integrated CAD, CAM Modules For Mold Makers

Developed for the design and machining of molds, Missler Software’s TopSolid'Mold and TopSolid'Cam software packages include the standard design elements and machining processes involved in the moldmaking industry. Mold technologies and components such as columns, ejectors, standard mold bases, guide rails and more are directly acessible in both packages.


The TopSolid'Mold CAD module enables calculation of the shrinkage factor, analysis of undercuts and calculation of parting lines and surfaces of joints. Additional features include automatic creation and definition of the core block and cavity, implementation of the standard carcass and analysis of the cooling system.


TopSolid'Cam, which is completely integrated with the CAD package, recognizes the plaques, die sets and components used in the design stage and enables automatic generation of a mold machining schedule. The software allows users to perform 2D and 3D operations simultaneously. In addition, it automates the transformation of a three-axis tool path into a five-axis tool path. Automatic collision prevention modifies tool orientation in case of collisions or attachment with the part. 

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