Integrated CAD/CAM/CAE Portfolio Combines Software Applications


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Autodesk now offers a portfolio of software for additive and subtractive manufacturing, bringing together products previously offered from Autodesk, Delcam, Netfabb, Pan Computing and Magestic Systems, including HSMWorks, Inventor HSM, Fusion 360, FeatureCAM, PowerMill, PartMaker (now included in FeatureCAM), PowerShape, PowerInspect and Netfabb. Taken together, these products comprise CAM, additive manufacturing, composites, robotics fabrication, factory layout, inspection and modeling.

One part of the portfolio is Autodesk 2017 CAM products, which combine CAM software from Delcam with Autodesk’s 3D design and manufacturing offerings. These products include FeatureCAM for automating CNC programming; PartMaker for precision part manufacturing on Swiss-type lathes; PowerMill for programming complex molds, dies and other components; PowerShape for preparing complex models for manufacture; and PowerInspect for part inspection.

The portfolio also includes Autodesk HSMWorks, a fully integrated CAM solution for SolidWorks; Autodesk Inventor HSM, which helps CNC programmers, designers and engineers rapidly produce machined parts designed in virtually any CAD system; Autodesk Netfabb, with software to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve part performance in additive manufacturing; and Fusion 360, the centerpiece of Autodesk’s cloud-based platform, which combines CAD, CAM and CAE in a single package.

This integrated portfolio is intended to provide a modular and scalable platform for manufacturers of all sizes. Within the portfolio offerings are cloud-connected capabilities designed to promote a more cohesive workflow and enables users to spend more time in product development. Cloud-supported functions include improved support with universal access to software and data as well as fast and frequent software upgrades. 


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