Intensifier Pump

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The company has expanded its line of 55,000-psi (3,800-bar) high pressure waterjet equipment for cutting almost any metallic or non-metallic material with the Model 55-50C intensifier pump. It includes an intensifier design combined with an attenuator, complying with ASME pressure vessel standards, to minimize pressure fluctuations. A 50-hp motor drives an axial piston, variable displacement, pressure compensated-type hydraulic pump.

The pump will support two 0.011" orifices or one 0.016" orifice.

The hydraulic system uses an electronically shifted, plunger-style single intensifier to deliver 1.1 gallons (4.1 liters) per minute of 55,000 psi water flow to a variety of cutting or cleaning tools. The high efficiency, completely enclosed, fan cooled electric motor with wye-delta “soft start” is said to ensure reliability, long service life and minimal energy usage. A programmable logic controller monitors and controls all machine functions and automatically energizes relays to light the warning lamps in the event of potentially damaging conditions. The integrated water filter and booster system eliminates connections between other filtration systems.

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