Intermittent Duty Dust Collection Systems

The Air Boss upflow intermittent duty dust collection (DCU) systems by Trion Inc. are two self-contained, compact dust collectors that are designed for coarse to fine dusts in light-duty applications in which collection efficiency is essential.


Useful for environments where grinding, sanding, polishing, cutting, power blending and other dust generating activities occur, the systems include two models, the DCU-1 and DCU-2, both of   which feature a hinged cartridge access door, reverse pulse cleaning and integral fan. An optional dust drawer is available for disposal of collected particles as well as a 20-gallon drum lid kit and hopper/leg assembly.


According to the company, the systems operate most efficiently in low air volume applications of 400 cfm to 2,000 cfm, and the dust collector can be placed near the pollution source. The cabinet design is said to offer flexibility in positioning the unit in close proximity to the dust source, which also saves floor space.


Additional potential benefits of using the systems include compressed air pulse cleaning that removes dirt; reduced plant maintenance costs; periodic filter change out for decreased maintenance; and a backward-inclined partial width fan that generates airflow and high static pressure at equal horsepower for efficient operation.