Kaast F-Grind AH Series' Construction Increases Accuracy

Kaast Machine Tools’ F-Grind AH series of surface grinders features hardened, ground and PTFE-coated table guideways for maximum rigidity, stability, and grinding accuracy.


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Kaast Machine Tools’ saddle-style F-Grind AH series surface grinders feature hardened, ground and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)-coated table guideways and fully stress-relieved main parts for maximum rigidity, stability and grinding accuracy.

Customers can add an optional AD5 auto downfeed system or an NC parallel dressing and compensating device. The grinders also incorporate rapid traverse to working height and a magnetized table. The machines accommodate workpieces from 5.8" × 17.5" to 15.5" × 31", depending on the model. Spindle motors are available with as much as 7.5 hp and speeds ranging to to 2,900 rpm. The spindle runs in a class P4 angular contact bearing, assuring run-out accuracy better than 2 micrometers, according to the company. The cartridge-type spindle is completely sealed and lubricated for high-accuracy grinding and a long service life. The vertical feed moves in 0.010 mm (0.0004") increments. The optional AD5 NC Control decreases these vertical feed increments to 0.005 mm (0.0002"). The transverse feed works in 0.02 mm (0.0008") increments. Auto downfeed from 0.001 to 0.999 mm (0.00004" to 0.04000") helps to promote a smooth finish at the end of the job. 

Standard configuration includes a standard grinding wheel, standard grinding wheel flange, balancing arbor, balancing stand, diamond dresser, work light, coolant system, leveling pads and bolts, and tool kit.


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