Knuth's Servoturn 410 NC Lathe Provides Secure Construction

IMTS Spark: Knuth Machine Tools USA has added the Survoturn 410 NC to its portfolio of turning machines.


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Knuth Servoturn NC 410

Knuth Machine Tools USA has added the Survoturn 410 NC to its portfolio of turning machines. The 410 NC includes features that go beyond conventional lathe functionality, the company says.

Featuring a solid, one-piece base, hardened and ground guideways, ballscrews, and large headstock, this 16" × 40" lathe weighs almost 4,000 lbs.  The Delta servo-conventional CNC control enables programmable taper turning, programmable radius turning, and straight and taper threading with automatic feed engagement. For user-friendly operation, the large touchscreen displays digital readout for axis position, tool station programming for tool offsets, multilingual options, programmable feed rates and rapid speed limits.


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