Lab-Grown Orifice Material Optimizes Waterjet Performance

IMTS 2018: Diamond Technology Innovations will display its TetraCore orifice material for the waterjet cutting and cleaning industries.

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Diamond Technology Innovations will display its TetraCore orifice material for waterjet cutting and cleaning. The lab-grown waterjet orifice is said to optimize performance in waterjet environments and maintain its structural integrity and jet-stream coherency for hundreds of hours. The material is a replacement for rubies and sapphires. It is designed to offer long life, reliability and uninterrupted cutting.

The orifice is a tetrahedrally-bonded material that is said to exhibit extreme hardness characteristics. Its toughness and resistance to impact and erosion can reduce downtime and scrapped parts. The orifices are available in all standard sizes and mount styles for pure water and abrasive cutting applications as well as surface preparation applications. 

IMTS 2018 Exhibitor

Diamond Technology Innovations

North, Level 3, Booth 236854

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