Large-Capacity Cylindrical Grinder

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The company has introduced a new addition to its Studer line of high-performance universal cylindrical grinders, the S33. The modular design for quick setup and changeover, digital control and drive systems and step-by-step programming make it useful for internal and external cylindrical grinding applications, the company says.

The basic wheelhead can be indexed at 0 degrees or 30 degrees for straight and angular plunge grinding. A universal turret wheelhead swivels manually or automatically, permitting external, internal and face grinding of workpieces in a single setup. A serrated Hirth ring coupling maintains a wheelhead orientation of -15 degrees to +195 degrees within 3 degrees of resolution (optional automatic resolution to 1 degree), providing accuracy and repeatability for grinding even the smallest tapered angle, the company says.

V and flat guideways are coated with abrasion-proof Granitan S200 and are said to provide vibration dampening and rigidity. The machine base delivers strength as well as chemical stability and thermal compensation, according to the company.

Digital direct-drive, three-phase servomotors with 40-mm diameter pre-stressed precision ballscrews power the X and Z axes.

The grinding spindle is powered by a 7.5 kW. It also is capable of speed up to 45 m/sec with adjustable speed control to 3,200 rpm. The workpiece spindle handles grinding between dead centers as well as live grinding with revolving spindles, according to the company.

The grinder features digital control and axis drive components. Machine operation, setup, changeover, dressing and programming of complex parts are said to be easily accomplished through Pictogramming, which allows operators to connect grinding cycles to one another and add necessary numerical values. The control then generates the machine program automatically. Advanced manual programming in G code is also possible. Programming is done directly at the machine or off-line and then downloaded to the machine control.     

The control package features application-specific grinding cycles for diameters, shoulders (left and right), tapers (negative and positive) and contours, the company says.