Large-Format Marking Machine Eliminates Tile Marking

Laser Marking Technologies LLC has released the Cobalt XD.


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Laser Marking Technologies LLC has released the Cobalt XD large-format machine featuring a digital galvo marking head with a third optical axis. Incorporating this technology allows the machine to mark in a continuous 20" × 20" marking field without any moving stages or moving any parts.

The advantage of this system over a traditional X-Y gantry-style machine is that it seamlessly marks a larger field. This means decreased cycle times and easier tiling and marking of large graphics. With traditional X-Y systems, operators must mark a section, mechanically move the head or material, and then mark again. This process must be repeated until the machine has marked across the entire area. Not only does this make it more difficult for the operator to program the software, but it also makes it more complicated. The operator may also be unable to meet cycle time requirements because of the slow speed of the mechanical motion. The XD can process the entire area without having to tile mark. This speeds up the process, eliminates gaps in the final image and eases programming.