Large Machine Platform Offers Interchangeable Heads

The U5 1500 universal machining center, available in rail and moving-column platforms, is designed to speed large-component machining in industries such as aerospace, energy, oilfield, die-mold, heavy-equipment, marine and mining. The five-axis machining center offers a large ram and cross rail to provide stability and machining accuracy in heavy cuts and enable greater Z-axis travel—to 1.5 m—to accommodate tall parts. Configurable to application requirements, the machining center provides X- and Y-axis travels of 4.3 m and 3.6 m, respectively. In addition, the machine’s X-axis travel can be expanded in 3.7-m increments.   The machine features automatic interchangeable head capability to minimize setups. Automatic head change is said to take less than 2 minutes. Several head configurations cover a range of machining requirements. Two five-axis heads are available—50-taper, 30-hp, 4,000- or 6,000-rpm; and HSK63A, 50-hp, 15,000- or 24,000-rpm. Vertical or horizontal 50-taper heads providing 30 hp at 6,000 rpm are also available as are custom head configurations. Heads are stored in their own cradle within a separate headstand located near the workzone. The ATC’s tool magazines are expandable, offering storage for 60 to 120 tools on the bridge/moving table machine and 45 or 63 tools on the rail machine.

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