Large-Plate Laser Cutting

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Available from Esab, the Alpharex AXD gantry is equipped with an onboard laser resonator to allow virtually unlimited cutting lengths. It is available with wattage ranging from 3.2 to 6 kW and cutting widths as wide as 17'. Features include window-break detection; adaptive optics; a modular cutting head; consistent beam delivery; laser process control, auto focusing; bevel cutting; pierce detection; laser marking; and laser welding.


With positioning speeds as fast as 1,000 ipm, the machine is equipped with the company’s Vision CNC and Columbus programming systems, which are designed to ease large-plate laser cutting. The beam delivery uses no lenses and is completely enclosed for protection. Because the same gantry design is used for each machine regardless of wattage, users can upgrade to higher-power lasers in the future with the same spare parts.


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