Laser Cutting System Features 5.2 kW Resonator

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Now available from Bystronic, Inc. is the Byspeed 4020 laser cutting system, which is equipped with a 5.2 kW Adaptive Radius Control (ARC) resonator, a PR series press brake, the Byjet 3015 waterjet and Bysoft software 6.6.

The consistent power output of 5,200 W is said to promote optimal piercing and cutting performance and quality, while the ARC provides automatic optimization of the beam diameter for all sheet metal thicknesses and materials.

The included press brake features electro-hydraulic sheet supports and Integrated Process Control (IPC) technology. Using the software, press brake, laser and waterjet processes can be synchronized. Bybend, an integrated software module, provides bend deductions, bend reliefs, bending sequences and back gauge placements as well. Also included is a 3D simulation feature that displays bending sequences and performs automatic collision detection before the part is sent to the operator for processing. This can, in turn, reduce setup time.

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