Laser Cutting/Drilling Machine For Various Applications

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Part of DMG America’s Lasertec line, the DML80 three-axis laser cutting and drilling machine is useful for machining automotive components, medical parts, electronics and more. With linear drives in the X and Y axes, the machine uses glass scales for precision. Fourth and fifth axes with torque motors are also available. Featuring a polymer concrete base, the machine is designed to allow easy access to the laser for service and changing optics. The Siemens 840D Powerline control system provides integrated control of the laser as well as gas type and pressure. 


With acceleration of 1.2 G, accuracy of 10 micrometers and a rapid feed rate of 120 m per minute, the machine is available with various ND-YAG lasers. Standard lasers have 15 to 220 W, while lasers as powerful as 600 W are optional. The machine can cut parts as thick as 10 mm drill parts as thick as 20 mm. The working area measures 800 × 500 × 700 mm.


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