Laser Features Fast Cutting Speed

With resonators available in 4,000 and 6,000 W, the NX Series laser cutters are designed for speed. The cutters use manufacturer Mitsubishi’s 700 series controls, which achieve high accuracy even on complex parts, the company says. A 64-bit, PC-based, 15" touchscreen display features improved graphics and an NC design to simplify operation. The company says its three-axis, cross-flow resonator design provides high cutting power per watt, eliminates the need for quartz tubes and turbine blower systems, and requires little maintenance.


The laser cutters feature a structural configuration that allows as much force as 4G and include a height sensor to allow fast cutting. In addition, the machines are equipped with the company’s Diamond-Path technology to maintain consistent beam quality by using a constant beam length system regardless of processing head location. This feature provides stability when cutting at speeds as fast as 1,150 ipm across all processing areas, the company says. 

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