Laser Marking For Practical Applications

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Suitable for use on materials such as steels, carbide, black oxidized steels, aluminum, ceramics, plastics and fiber products, the Ultra-Dex Beamer marks data matrices, bar codes, company logos and other graphics. To ease setup, the software runs an additional red diode light that projects the perimeter outline of the area to be marked.


The Beamer Class l cabinet is also designed for expediting parts transfer into the working area. According to the company, setups, including graphics, serialization, part numbers, dates, focusing and fixturing, can be accomplished in 1 minute or less on many applications (when graphic files are pre installed).


This non-contact marking system is also said to eliminate hard fixturing on small lot sizes.   Additionally, the company offers customized design trays and fixtures for large quantity jobs or applications that call for multiple part runs.



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