Laser Marking Workstations Offer Versatility

Electrox offers the EMS range of workstations for versatile laser marking.

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Electrox offers the EMS range of workstations for versatile laser marking. The workstations are designed for use in the automotive, metalworking and tooling industries, among others. The range includes the entry-level EMS 100; the self-contained EMS 200 with integrated laser and wrap-around door; and the large-enclosure EMS 300 for more complex applications.

The EMS 100 model offers a lift-up door, laser-safe viewing window and fume extraction port for a safe marking process. It is Windows-compatible and can be programmed via a computer for flexibility and accuracy. According to Electrox, the EMS 100 model provides accurate, permanent marking suitable for traceability purposes.

The EMS 200 model features an ergonomic enclosure with an integrated laser, enabling marking with minimum setup requirements. The wraparound door design offers flexible access to enable marking of unusually shaped or cumbersome items, the company says. The workstation is also equipped with a programmable Z axis for automatic focus height control. 

The EMS 300 model is well-suited for marking larger components. It is equipped with an automatic, pneumatically controlled door and removable side panels for integration into production lines. A welded construction maximizes stability. The model is optionally available with an XY table or a programmable Z axis for autofocus.

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