Laser Micrometer System

The LaserMicro100, according to the company, is an accurate, versatile laser micrometer system. It measures ODs and dimensions of shafts, rubber rolls and other cylindrical parts. The system can be used as a simple, economic stand-alone measuring device, or it can be fully integrated into an automated manufacturing line. It has a repeatability of ±0.2 microns at a linearity of better than ±1 micron over the entire measuring range--from 0.02" (0.5 mm) to 4" (100 mm)--says the company. It is said to be virtually unaffected by part surface variations, measuring with equal facility highly polished or turned surfaces. This makes it useful for operations with cylindrical grinders or lathes. In addition, the noncontact nature of the system means that delicate and easily damaged parts can be measured without concern, according to the company. Unlike complex parallel deflection systems with rotating or oscillating mirrors, this product is a single-focused beam system. The actual stroke for the beam is permanently fixed by a high-resolution linear encoder in the vertical extension of the measuring line, which provides real-time, closed-loop feedback of measurement values. Pulses triggered each time the laser beam is interrupted or released by the target are used to determine accurate dimensional values when compared to pre-determined calibration values, the company says. The laser micrometer system can be extended, via optional features, to full measuring machine capability, including compound length measuring, position readout and motor-operated positioning. It is said to easily accommodate SPC, such as Q-DAS, via serial port interface or ethernet card, for today's often-required trace documentation. Additionally, the system can be integrated into a fully automated process that includes robotic loading and compensation value feedback to machine tool controls.

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