Laser Tracker Upgrade

In addition to offering all the benefits of the previous coordinate measurement machine (CMM), Laser Tracker, which includes a 230’ range, 0.001” accuracy and a SuperADM (Absolute Distance Measurement) feature that increased efficiency and reduced measurement times, the Laser Tracker SI.2 has three advanced performance features, according to the company.

“Smart Warm-Up” runs automatically when the CMM is switched on, and heats it to a stable temperature in half the time of the previous model.

“Self Comp” eliminates the previously user-intensive compensation process. Pressing one button allows the CMM to perform an automated compensation routine in only five minutes, the company says.      

“Active Thermal Compensation” reduces fluctuations in measurement accuracies commonly referred to as “measurement drift” by responding to changes in the CMM’s temperature.

To use the system, an operator places the Tracker base on a tripod, and measurements are taken as the target reflector is touched or dragged along the surface to be measured. It projects a beam that the reflector bounces back to the base unit. Using the angle and the distance to the target, software within the CMM calculates and records the position of each point within its 230’ range, according to the company. If the beam between the Tracker and target is interrupted, its SuperADM feature is said to allow it to reacquire the beam without returning to a reference point.

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