Latest Version Of CAD Program Features New Editing Mode

Alibre offers the latest version of its 3D CAD application, Alibre Design version 10. The application includes productivity improvements in 3D modeling, parametric sketching and 2D detailing. In addition, a fully integrated CAM add-on, Alibre CAM, is available as a component in Alibre Design Expert. The add-on supports 2.5- and three-axis machining and is fully associative so that previously designed tool paths update automatically when a part is edited.    


Compared to the previous version, the new program completes equivalent operations in half the time with 35 percent less memory consumption, the company says. Also, a “fast views” feature projects 2D views of large or complex models four to ten times faster than the previous version. Various detailing features are more responsive as well, including inserting dimensions and annotations such as BOM callouts; creating and editing views; and generating hidden lines and centerlines. Associative updates of drawing views after a corresponding change to the 3D model have also been improved. 


The software also includes a direct editing toolset, which is suited for early-stage conceptual design and working with models imported from other CAD systems. The toolset provides push-pull modeling as well as the ability to move, add and remove design elements. In addition, an interfacing engine automates many functions within the tools to reduce the time it takes to make complex changes. Users can identify a pocket made up of multiple faces by clicking on a single face. The engine also allows edits to imported geometry without requiring users to go back to the originating CAD system.



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