Lathe Can be Programmed via CNC or Operated Manually

IMTS 2018: Knuth’s Numturn CNC cycle lathe offers either a Siemens or Fagor CNC control and features a heavily-ribbed machine bed with guides and wide V-blocks for heavy machinery.


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Knuth’s Numturn CNC cycle lathe features a heavily-ribbed machine bed with guides and wide V blocks. It is available with either a Siemens or Fagor CNC, but can also operate as a manual lathe via handwheels.

The lathe’s spindle bearings and headstock are designed to ensure constant precision during continuous operation. Other features include a hydraulic chuck with adjustable holding force, a heavy-duty tailstock, a multi-tool VDI tool turret, a central lubrication system, electronic hand wheels and operating tools, and the capability of positioning accuracy in the thousandth-of-an-inch or ten-thousandth-of-an-inch range. Swing distances ranging from 13" to 26" and center distances ranging to 79" are available.

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